Why You Can’t Get Media As Easy As Bread

by admin

The world of media has changed for the worse and it’s not your fault! I know some of you may think you’re not newsworthy, but to the contrary, you are.

…and, again, it’s not your FAULT.

The game of media has evolved into something more of reality TV then reporting the interest of the day.
We’re losing story reporters and replacing them with story “tellers’, which is hurting both the media and the stories they report on.

If The Atlantic is reporting that trust for the media has declined from 47% to 42% within one year, what does that mean for us as entrepreneurs?

It means we have to be proactive. It means we have to be smarter than what is expected. It means…
…you got some work to do.

I want to tell you what the deal is today so you can work on you’re next move.

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Let’s just get this out the way…the press release.

If you were to go on Fiverr.com to find a writer to write a press release for you about you, your business, or your product/service, you will find tons of service providers…

…which mean, now, you become one of those people with the “AS SEEN ON” graphic on their LinkedIn page. You know what I’m talking about.

It’s the sad calling card of the person that doesn’t know what the hell they want, or need, to do to get exposed to an audience. In fact, it brings about these issues:

- proper placement in the AP
- clear writing that is NOT a advertorial
- loss of credibility

The truth on this is people look you up. They do. The internet has made it super simple to look all of us up. Sometimes, to our detriment, the nasty things come up and kill our momentum.

No press release is going to fix those problems, let alone make us media worthy.

Look at these common issues that I see when press releases are a businesses main marketing tool:

1. The keywords don’t serve the release. If you’re worried about SEO, you’re not trying to get media coverage

2. The release isn’t newsworthy. That’s a matter of writing. Simple solution, hire a writer familiar with journalism.

3. Quality sucks to high heaven. Ever ready that one book that put you to sleep as soon as you started? Don’t be that guy.

4. The pay off isn’t there. Like most busy people, we need to get to the point. I don’t need to know about how many cats you own.

5. The headline is a byline. When the headline is dull, the tone is set. I see way too many releases that read like an obituary rather than a story.

Now that I’ve ripped through the common stuff, let me address the media itself.

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We, the media, are faced with a challenge unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Reported on Forbes.com, the term “fake news” was named the word of the year by Collins dictionary…even though it’s TWO WORDS!

The reason this is a problem for you and I is simple. Trust for the news media is dropping like a rock in a shallow river heading to the ocean.

When anyone on TV, radio, podcast, and in print can spout out “fake news’, it washes away the notion that what’s reported is a lie.

…and it’s so widely accepted, kids pass it along like school yard gossip.

But what is the totality of this “fake news” moment for us entrepreneurs?

Simple. If the media can’t be trusted, the stories the media presents can’t be trusted. The catch 22 is born.

Think about it this way…

You go on iTunes to find your favorite podcast about social media tactics and you find a show that speaks directly to you about algorithms, posting strategies, and so on…

You feel great.

Then the host invites a guest with a checkered past…now you have to question that person’s opinion since history says that guest can’t be trusted.

But for you, you don’t have the checkered past. In fact, you are a model citizen. You give to kids for Christmas and walk for charity…yet, you appear on the same podcast…

…and you get slapped with the “fake news” label.

How far is that?

For the media, you don’t even need to have a guest to get the label. It’s a part of the inheritance.

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When media outlets book guest like you, they know need to make sure you are what you say you are. The world has changed to where your word doesn’t mean anything.

It’s about what you can prove.

If you’ve been looking for your chance to get covered for your product or service, you have no choice but to show the truth factors that make you BELIEVABLE. Here is the quick list:

1. Website needs to be updated with the most current information supporting your business, product, and/or service.

2. Any social accounts need to reflect your best self. If you need to manage what is posted in your feeds, do so. If people can be fired for what is posted on their accounts, just image what your business will go through.
3. When contacting media for coverage, sell the you that is true to your story. Media outlets are under pressure to bring good content to their reach and can’t afford to lose their jobs. That means they can easily pass you up for a trusted source.

4. Be a pro, not a bro. I’ll live it at that.

This is just to make you aware of the current climate we face in today’s media world. You deserve to be featured. You just need to know why you can’t.

Grab the freebie and get yourself on a media outlet or two. Let me know how it goes.

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