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EP 101 – The Swift Kick Show – A Hundred and One Radio Shows Part 1

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We hit the 100 show milestone! Now looking into the future, our host Timothy D. Craggette reflects on the idea of entrepreneurs raising their voices by reclaiming their voices. In a world that runs faster everyday, the challenge to stand out and make a difference has never been so important. In this how, we explore the 3 things to consider in reclaiming your voice.

Why You Can’t Get Media As Easy As Bread

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The world of media has changed for the worse and it’s not your fault! I know some of you may think you’re not newsworthy, but to the contrary, you are. …and, again, it’s not your FAULT. The game of media has evolved into something more of reality TV then reporting the interest of the day. We’re losing story reporters and replacing them with story “tellers’, which is hurting both the media and the stories they report on. If The Atlantic is reporting that trust for the media has declined from 47% to 42% within one year, what does that mean […]

The Audacity Of The 100,000 Word Business Card

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After sending over 50 book inquiry letters all around the US, I received a “best of luck to you” canned response. Sometimes a “not interested” form letter. Most of the time…no response at all. Yet we’re told we NEED to write the book that is inside of us. The book that qualifies us as the experts we are. Let’s be real. Are we expected to be like Brian Tracy and write 75 books in forty-two languages? Nope. We’re expected to write one fabulous, industry-defining book. The one book that places us up on Mount Olympus as the greatest [insert industry […]

Beach Bum Businessman

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I truly believe you can make money anywhere. As a marketer, it would be against the grain if I didn’t do the famous “you can work from anywhere” post. So here is my post. I’ve been doing this since 2012 and I love it! I don’t have any regrets being able to open my computer, connect to the internet, and build out another gem. Sometimes I just feel guilty…but not too much. You see… The online entrepreneur lifestyle is real…but it takes some doing. The push-button email stuff is only surface level because the real business is underneath. I’m not […]