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What We're Doing

In order to rebuild, we need to reinvent!

Communities across the nation are experiencing strife and struggle never seen before in history. The pandemic is causing tremendous loss in health and financial stability. Racial tensions are at an all time high. It's time to talk solutions, for now and the future.

That's what we aim to do.

For the past four years, The Swift Kick Show has been on the forefront of economical and social growth through entrepreneurship. We've examined, dismantled, and simplified the entrepreneurial code so anyone can start, grow, and scale their business aspirations. The show has introduced leaders and experts to a global audience, but we can do so much more.

So here is our plan:

We are building an education center nonprofit aiming to serve communities of color in three main areas: Entrepreneurship - Media - Arts

In order to improve economic stability, new streams of income must be generated.
In order to advance the interest of these communities, public communications and relations must be improved.
In order to gain attention of organizations willing to advance the interest of these communities, cultural expression must be encouraged.

Our nonprofit will stand by these ideals and promote growth, equality, and equity for communities of color and we need your help to get this off the ground.

The BLM/SKS Collection


One moment that defines a lifetime.

Help support our efforts to build stronger communities with the purchase of these limited run art pieces. Each photograph is signed, numbered, matted, and framed, ready for shipping. We are including with every purchase a matted print of the original photo and an exclusive download of aired The Swift Kick Show episode that inspired these works of art.

With each sold piece, you're helping the formation of the nonprofit, the document and filing for the nonprofit, and its initial startup cost.

Please book your collectors call below.

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About Timothy D. Craggette:

The Swift Kick Show was created by Timothy D. Craggette for business owners, coaches, consultants, authors, subject matter experts, and thought leaders…

…that wanted to improve their businesses but didn’t have access to the leaders that hold the secrets of success.

After 15+ years of online entrepreneurship, Tim felt it was time to become more of a resource and help people achieve higher levels of success through coaching, information products, and his radio show, WERA 96.7 FMs The Swift Kick Show.

What you will learn form Tim’s coaching and training will help you develop a stronger and more predictable business. His strategies, as a 6x award-winning and best-selling information product creator have created over nine figures in sales since 2012.
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