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Why Listen to The Swift Kick Show?

Moving You Forward

Shows on the radio these days entertain. SKS wants to help you discover the world of online entrepreneurship to improve your life..

Smart People

We bring to you some of the most innovative experts to help show you many different options so you get the best options and broaden your insights.

Organized Instruction

Sometimes, you need to have the experience of someone that's been through the struggle to inspire you and share sweet shortcuts.

Learning On Your Time

We broadcast LIVE once a week but you can get replays and archives to catch up and learn when you want to. Never feel like your missing out.

Everywhere Content

In today's world, it's not enough to just broadcast locally. We bring you content you can use on the radio, social media, and podcast streaming services.

Award-Winning Advice

Each show is like a micro mastermind from award-winning professionals that love to share their best stuff, once a week. Thousands of dollars of info, just for you.
About The Show

The Swift Kick Show was created for the WANNA-preneur that's looking for tips, advice, and tactics so they can get an edge in building their online empire.

The goal of the show is to highlight some of the best and brightest in online entrepreneurship with entertaining stories and strategies that work today. If you've never started ANYTHING online or you just want some guidence on what you can do to add some new tricks, this show is for you.
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